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PDA Racing has the crew and equipment available for trackside support whether you are looking for help on a test day, single race event or a complete season. By taking care of all the details we’ll help you take maximum advantage of the time available during a busy race weekend.

With PDA Racing you are part of the team. We support amateur and professional level drivers in all aspects of road racing. We encourage driver feedback, which helps us achieve our number one goal - to fine tune your track/race car.

Trackside services include:


  • Collect and analyze data such as tire pressure, tire temperature, weather conditions and lap times to see how best to adjust your car for safety, handling and speed.

  • Review Aim/Motec/Race capture/etc. data on test days or after warm-up/practices/races

  • Manage tire, fuel, brakes, and spare part requirements.

  • Formulate race strategy.

  • Communicate information such as the green flag call, lap times, and interval times over the team radio.

  • Diag/repair/fix issues that arise at the track.


Track/Race car services offered at the shop:


  • Full Track/Race builds

  • Race or Track car maintenance

  • Full/half/partial race/track car wraps

  • Vinyl touch ups or designs

  • Brake upgrades and brake ventilation kit installs

  • Pad and rotor upgrades

  • Racing radio/communication systems installs

  • Exhaust upgrades/installs

  • Fuel and intake upgrades/installs

  • Fire system installs

  • Reinforcements for chassis/subframe/sway bar mounts

  • Suspension and bushings install/adjustments

  • Track/race seat/belts/harness installs

  • Cage padding/accessory install

  • Analyze data and Driver Feedback to see where you can benefit from set-up changes.

  • Transport racecars and equipment.

  • Manage testing schedules and complete pre and post race inspections.

  • We can complete necessary minor repairs at the track and if need be transport your car to our shop for any or all other major repairs.


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