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Whether it is dealer based services you're looking for or upgrades to make faster lap times on the track we can help. Located conveniently from the ever growing DC-NOVA area we can handle the demand of top notch German car service and repair. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

We can take care of all your German Car needs including simple maintinance service to major engine re-working. To find out more information or setup your appointment be sure to call/email us today!


Services offered:

  • Oil Services

  • Brake work

  • Timing belt service

  • Clutch and Transmission work

  • Interval based Serices

  • Turbo/Super charger repairs/work

  • A/C system diag/repair 

  • Exhaust and Catalyst system work

  • Full engine replacement

  • Upper and lower end engine work

  • Timing chains/system work

  • Diagnostics of Check engine/ABS/Airbag etc lamps

  • Suspension and Steering repair/work


Track/Performance services offered:

  • Brake upgrades 

  • Brake ventilation kit installs

  • Pad and rotor upgrades

  • Performance/track suspension installs

  • Exhaust upgrades/installs

  • Fuel and intake upgrades/installs

  • Fire system installs

  • Track/race seat/belts/harness installs

  • Cage padding/accessory install

  • Track/race prep/maintanance

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